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I wanted to create a blog that people could not only follow but also learn from. There are so many misconceptions about's time to clear the air.

"There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good".

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Celebration of Hope

It's been a whirlwind 2013 and I have no doubts that 2014 will be any different.  

AGC Scholarship Foundation's inaugural Celebration of Hope Gala will be held on February 15, 2014.   I have Bill Rancic coming as our keynote speaker.  It's going to be an amazing event full of, well, Bill for one, silent auction, delish-a-mungo food, amazing music, dancing and endless HOPE.  

The invitation is open and we hope you pass it along! Tickets can be purchased at:

Friday, October 18, 2013

1 in 8

Infertility affects 1 in 8 Couples. Over the next 48 hours, I will be participating in an $8 Fundraising event for AGC Scholarship Foundation. 

Our goal is to get 1550 $8 donations (totaling $12,400 - the average cost of IVF). Please help us reach our fundraising goals by donating $8:

Please pass the link on!

Don't forget to purchase my book a portion of the proceeds will go to AGC Scholarship Foundation!

I REALLLLY Miss blogging!

Sunday, October 6, 2013



It's already time to order your pre-sale copy of Infertility Inferschmility!  Yikes!  You can use the link below to order.  I'm really excited to have our story printed however, it's a little scary knowing that our struggle could end up a big flop.  So pretty please buy it! A portion of my earnings from the book will be going to the AGC Scholarship Foundation.

The first Annual AGC Night of Hope is in the works.  I have a couple of awesome announcements pertaining to that...I just need to hold off until I get official confirmation.  It's super exciting!

As far as cycles go.  I had a really weird cycle last time around.  I got 3 positive pregnancy tests and then went in for a beta and it was under 2.  So I had some weird error thing going on.  Anyway, that cycle is now going on day 40.  Somewhere during the first couple of weeks of this cycle, I went in for a sonohystogram.  They did find some stuff in my uterus that wasn't there before.  So I don't know if I had a missed loss or if its leftover from little M or if its just some new weird junk.  I have to have it removed.  I will call on Day 1 and go in for a nice hysteroscopy with a scraping...basically a D&C.  THEN we can finally transfer the frozen embryos.  FINALLY.  We got a puppy because I was getting so freaking impatient.  He rules.

The boys are getting insanely huge and old.  Big M will be TWO next week.  How?  When?  He's incredibly verbal and incredibly smart.  He's funny, caring and gentle (except when he makes a quick decision to whack his brother with Buzz Lightyear).  He loves animals, sports and making up stories.  He is super polite; always saying please and Thank You.  He is potty trained (has been for several months now).  He loves to tell you when a "big one is coming".  He is also quick to tell you when he "beefs" (thanks to B).  He has an amazing imagination that travels into snake forests, troll bridges, zoos with mooka lakas and of course, to INFINITY AND BEYOND.  He's amazing and I am so in love.

Little M is 10 months old.  He eats anything and everything (minus eggs).  He can say, Nona, Mama, Papa & Dada.  He can sign "more", "milk" and "all done".  He hates going to school.  He would prefer to be surrounded by adults.  His teachers say that he is happiest when he's playing one on one with a teacher.  He has a hysterical laugh that sounds like a barking seal. He is standing and cruising all over furniture.  He thinks he can walk but he can't.  His legs just buckle after a few seconds.  He is equally as amazing and I am so in love.

 10 Month Comparison
 Big M has fancy Apple Juice for our Friend's last day visitng
 Big M's horse lost at Del Mar race tracks
 The newest family member!  Meet Diego!
 Sneaky little face
 Older pic but super cute...6 Month Photo
 Also a 6 Month photo
Last week at school.  Most handsome dudes in town